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MCQ on complexometric titrations: Page-3

Calculate the molar solubility of the following salt
molar solubility

(A) 21 x 10 -5 M

(B) 1.05 x 10 -5 M

(C) 1.23 x 10 -2 M

(D) 1.02 x 10 -4 M

The solubility product of the salt in the above question will be

(A) 43 x 10 -5 M

(B) 1.21 x 10 -10 M

(C) 1.05 x 10 -10 M

(D) 1.1 x 10 -10 M

EDTA acts as

(A) Chelating agent

(B) Sequestering agent

(C) Both A and B

(D) None of the above

Which of the following acts as a masking agent



(C) P,S

(D) Q,R

The effect of increase in temperature on stability complex is

(A) Increase

(B) Decrease

(C) No effect

(D) It depends on ligand