Explore your potentials with no bound

Get conceptual clarity and be strong in basics.

Explore your potentials with no bound

Get conceptual clarity and be strong in basics.

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Grand Master Package - GPAT long term coaching

20 Jun 2019

Grand Master Package - a real package for GPAT long term coaching at WINGATE , visakhapatnam. Get to....

GPAT syllabus- Know the subjects and books you have to study

08 Jun 2019

Are you preparing for GPAT and don’t know what to study and which book is to refer? Here is a guidel....

Deviations from Beer-Lambert law

05 Jun 2019

Relation between absorbance and concentration of an analyte is given by Beer-Lambert law. Is that la....

Solvents in NMR spectroscopy

05 Jun 2019

In any analytical technique a solvent should be selected such that ideally it should not interfere w....

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GPAT preparation - How to study pharmacognosy?

08 Jun 2019

Pharmacognosy is one of the scoring subject in GPAT examination. You can get plenty of questions from this subject all being direct and easily answered. There will be no twist in the question, so if you cover the subject thoroughly you can spot the answer perfectly without going to the negative marking. So here we will discuss how you can prepare phramacognosy for getting good score in GPAT and NIPER exams.....

How to use notation in NMR spectroscopy?

05 Jun 2019

Every compound will have its name to easily identify it and differentiate it from others. We can have even IUPAC names to name each compound in an unique and unambiguous way. Similarly if a sample in NMR has notation, we can get a quick information about the compound and its spectra. ....

What is Beer-Lambert law?

05 Jun 2019

What happens when an electromagnetic radiation falls on a matter? Suppose, if the matter is transparent to radiation, nothing absorbed and entire radiation is transmitted through the medium. Conversely, if the matter absorbs some energy it only transmits remaining energy which is if course with reduced intensity.....

What are the annulenes?

22,Mar 2019

Let's draw a cyclic ring and put double bonds alternatively. You can start with ring sizes 3,4, 5...so on and you can increase ring size as you wish. Interestingly you can find a common thing in all these rings. ....

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