Explore your potentials with no bound

Get conceptual clarity and be strong in basics.

Explore your potentials with no bound

Get conceptual clarity and be strong in basics.

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List of amino acids – How to remember?

22 Mar 2019

Amino acids play a vital role being involved in peptides, proteins and even with nucleic acids to br....

Lewis dot structure – How to write?

21 Mar 2019

Do you think anytime how the atoms form bonds to bring molecules? Particularly in organic chemistry,....

Aromatic compounds – Who really we are?

20 Mar 2019

Aromatic compounds…..Are they produce fragrance always? Of course, very few of them produce aroma bu....

How to write IUPAC name – practical examples

19 Mar 2019

How wonderful it will be when you able to write IUPAC name of a given compound without any ambiguity....

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What are the annulenes?

22,Mar 2019

Let's draw a cyclic ring and put double bonds alternatively. You can start with ring sizes 3,4, 5...so on and you can increase ring size as you wish. Interestingly you can find a common thing in all these rings. ....

Does tramadol act as an opioid?


Tramadol is an opioid with potential risk of seizures, serotonin syndrome, suicidal initiation and drug abuse. It should be restricted for low risk patients.....

Is budesonide/formoterol combination safe to use in asthma?


Combination of budesonide/formoterol prevents recurrent attacks in asthma, COPD but still has many limitations and even not suitable for acute conditions.....

Is cholesterol a protein?


Cholesterol is not a protein but it is sterol with polar hydroxyl group. It binds to lipoproteins and carried in the blood and shows important functions.....

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